Willkommen bei Esval-Models!

Esval-Models ist eine neue Firma, gegründet von Modell-Auto-Enthusiasten, die seit 40 Jahren Modelle von den verschiedensten Fahrzeugen gesammelt haben.

Als Modell-Sammler verstehen wir, wie wichtig es ist, Qualitätsmodelle anzubieten, die zu wertvollen Sammlerstücken werden, und es auch für viele Jahre bleiben.

Wir freuen uns, unsere Ideen mit Ihnen durch unsere exklusiven Modellauto-Kreationen zu teilen. Wir hoffen auch, dass unsere "Limited Edition"-Modelle bei Ihnen den Wunsch hervorbringen werden, die Themen Ihrer Sammlung zu erweitern, die Nostalgie nach einer vergangenen Ära zurückbringen, und zu wichtigen Ergänzungen Ihrer persönlichen Modellsammlungen werden.

Die Bildergalerie zeigt Ihnen unsere erste Produktlinie 2013, es umfasst Modelle von Packard und Mercedes-Benz, die sind schon von Kritikern und Sammlern hoch gelobt worden.

Alle unsere Modelle werden in Handarbeit im Maßstab 1:43 aus Resine hergestellt.

Schauen Sie sich bitte Sie die Abbildungen unserer Modelle weiter unten an, und lesen Sie die Rezensions von Kritikern und Sammlern.

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DiecastX Magazin, Herbst 2013


DiecastX Magazin, Winter 2014


MotoArigato, July 2013

1941 PACKARD 180
7-sitzige Limousine

www.esvalmodels.com 1941 Packard

"Esval Packard-- WOW!! ...I can make this short by saying this is the best 1/43 scale model I've seen at anything near this price; you'd have to go 2-3 times the cost to match it. Finish is perfect and it's fully detailed with some of the finest photo-etched work I've seen-- check out the p-e grilles flanking the main grille. And it's all attached, too! Headlights are clear lenses set into bright plated bezels and handles are separate plated parts too. The interior is especially well done, with realistic wood-grain trim on all sills and the dash-- which of course has a detailed speedo. More plated handles, silver painted ash trays and interior lights, and sun visors molded into the light tan-painted headliner. ...The shape and details match all the photos I could fine-- this is the factory-cataloged 7-passenger limo."
- Wayne E. Moyer, Critic (Diecast Zone Forum 43, www.diecast.org)
February 14, 2013

"That's a real stunner ! A beautiful model of this giant luxury Packard."
- Mike DeTorrice, Collector
(Diecast Zone Forum 43, www.diecast.org)
February 14, 2013

"I am a 50 year collector of model cars and just acquired the 1941 Packard limousine. This is a brilliant execution of the model-making art! An absolutely outstanding inaugural model."
- Joe King, Collector


1942 PACKARD 180
7-sitzige Limousine


"Esval Packard - Stunning ...Look how super-fine the antenna, hood ornament, and windshield wipers are. ... Now, look at the Esval model's front grille. It uses a molded piece, and the subtle dimensionality is brought out. That makes all the difference between a good and great 1:43 miniature...."
- Scott Brown, Collector
(Diecast Zone Forum 43, www.diecast.org)
February 28, 2013

"Magnificent model"
- Mark Lampariello, Collector
(Diecast Zone Forum 43, www.diecast.org)
February 15, 2013

"...Old Packards are sweet, and this line looks like it's a winner."
- Joe Kelly Jr., Editor (www.diecastxmagazine.com)
February 8, 2013

zwischen dem Packard 180 "7-sitzige Limousine"
Baujahr 1941 und Baujahr 1942

1936-1940 MERCEDES-BENZ 260D
Pullman Landaulet

"Esval's model is not another variant or a mere transkit of the Altaya/IXO/WhiteBox cast metal model versions of the 260D. Indeed, the resin model is a completely new design – designed from scratch inside and out, and not only with the roof in various open and closed positions, but also with an accurate photo-etched radiator grille, and photo-etched hood side-panels with pierced ventilation slots. Also, the highly detailed folded luggage-rack is a complete new development, as is the meticulously rendered interior. On the open Landaulet version, the rails, on which the cloth-roof slides when being opened and closed, have been faithfully reproduced, as well as all the handles, levers, hooks, eyelets, rivets and/or screws."
– Bernd D. Loosen, Collector, President (North-American Chapter, Mercedes-
Benz Modelauto-Club),
June, 2013

"It is a truly gorgeous model of a very historic car, the first PRODUCTION Diesel. While Sommervile, Ixo, and Altaya have all done this car, this outshines them all."
- Dick Browne, Collector, Moderator of Forum 43 (Diecast Zone Forum 43, www.diecast.org) May, 2013

"This Mercedes won't grab us Yanks as much as the Packard, but it's every bit as well done and probably even more detailed. Raised divider glass, stored jump seats, open sun roof and landau top let you see the in-scale detail. P.e. work is REALLY delicate."
- Wayne E. Moyer, Critic (Diecast Zone Forum 43, www.diecast.org)
June 2, 2013